picture of old bank   CFO Analyst LLC assists community-oriented banking institutions with their financial systems, forecasting and budgeting applications, and reporting capabilities. With an extensive background working in community banking and in the software industry (core banking, new account platforms, etc.) that you can put to work. Community banks often can’t afford to directly hire professionals in areas handling accounting, analysis, and IT systems. We can help solve that gap.

  The founder, Mike Borland, brings over 30 years of banking and financial services experience. Originally just a banker with an accounting degree, Mike developed considerable expertise in relational databases (MS Access, SQL server) and Microsoft web development technologies. Mike also spent almost 15 years working at a core banking software provider primarily handling training and documentation issues, as the company was smaller he also handled alot of quality assurance duties. So we've worked at everything from the teller line, the backroom operations, to management in a community bank.

  In addition to helping out community banks with their special projects we have two valuable bank turnkey reports, click here for details. As community banking systems have become so complicated over the last 30 years we also partner with other key technology providers and professionals to ensure we offer the best and fullest level of service and expertise possible.