Our community banking industry has changed quite drastically over the last 5 or so years. The number of banks has been cut roughly in half, mergers and acquisitions have been the primary driver. On the whole this is probably a positive for the banks as it should allow them to operate more efficiently. In response we now include banks up to 3 billion dollars in assets in our definition of a community bank.

Bank Group Count# Average Size$ Agregate Market%
A - Super Large Banks 400 $ 1,573,000 56.7%
B - Large Banks 400 $ 500,000 18.0%
C - Medium Banks 1,335 $ 174,000 20.9%
D - Small 550 $ 71,000 3.5%
E - Smallest 277 $ 31,800 0.80%

So roughly 2,962 banks meet our definition of a community bank across the United States, with total assets of $1,109,331,000. While arbitrary in our experience banks that reach a certain size and operate across multiple communities lose that personal touch with their communities; put another way it is difficult for their customers to maintain contact with the real decision makers.