Our primary focus is to provide community banks short term assistance with their special projects, providing technical IT and accounting expertise without the need to hire additional staff or overload your current staff.  Such projects tend to fall under one of the following areas:

  • Research, installation, and configuration of new applications.
  • Write new application specifications, develop prototype applications, and check ease of use.
  • Extract and convert legacy data to new formats (for new applications), streamline data processing.
  • Develop enterprise wide RDBMS databases for reporting and analysis.
  • Develop advanced Excel spreadsheets, outline data needs and import process, automate tasks with VBA.
  • Re-design or amend a bank's general ledger scheme of accounts.
  • Test solutions, providing quality assurance and incorporating additional internal controls where appropriate.
  • Research and assist with resolution of accounting or reporting problems.

In addition to providing assistance with special projects we have developed several bank reports available for community bankers at a nominal fee$, click here for reports. We provide over 30 years of banking expertise that includes both accounting and IT technical ablility at competitive rates. Service is available remotely thru online meeting capability or onsite. Discounted rates available for longer term projects.