Turnkey Services

CFO Analyst provides special project and interim work solutions to community oriented financial institutions. Through its principal and founder along with key partners we possess significant accounting, IT management, programming, and development experience and expertise. While we can provide these services on an hourly or project basis we have two turnkey services developed as follows:

  • Bank Performance Report - A 16+ page report with eight (8) sections that covers five (5) and three (3) year periods of time documenting a bank’s performance and key risk metrics. Sections including operating results, yields and cost of funds rates %, bank effectiveness and efficiency, asset and liability composition, liquidity measures, basic GAP analysis, and Capital Analysis. A great tool to kick off budgeting and projection work or other financial reporting type project.

  • New CECL Accounting Rules Training - An online webinar session that covers the new accounting rules for handling your bank’s current expected credit losses. Included in the package is preparation of an 18-page historical loan loss report, showing your bank’s net credit loss experience by type of loan over the last ten (10) years for most types. The report shows your bank’s peer group experience here too. Banks should be getting prepared for the new accounting rules now, so your model can be reviewed ahead of implementation with examiners and auditors.

We are prepared to roll-up our sleeves and help you do the hard work, we and our partners are not some consulting type outfit looking just to provide advice. This work can involve very specific deliverables and objectives, or it can be as simple as providing highly skilled and experienced interim assistance, e.g., you need assistance with accounting problems or a systems problem.