List of Whitepapers

      Whitepaper Title: Executive Summary:
Branch Bank Accounting is Dead; Cost Accounting Systems Needed A financial system (General Ledger, etc.) whitepaper on the problems of branch bank accounting implementation in community banks, recommends that banks pursue a strategy of enhancing their cost accounting capability instead, adding in new service channels for analysis.

CECL Bankers Survey 2018 Summary of results on a survey of community bankers covering the CECL accounting change. Survey was comprised of three parts, General & Training (5 questions), Data Analysis (10 questions), and Project Planning (6 questions). Surveys were completed in August of 2018.

NIM Optimization vs. Bank Efficiency A financial management paper documenting the results of a study of 15 high performing community banks and 15 low performing community banks. The study contrasts, based upon key financial metrics, what distinguishing trait separated the high from the low performing banks.

  CECL Impact - Historical Net Loss Analysis In our preparation for assisting banks, both strategically and tactically, an analysis of community banks experience with net credit losses was completed for the last 10+ years. Net losses were compared to both problem loan levels and the banks average allowance levels during this period of time. In addition net losses (an average for all community banks) was tracked and graphed for the 4 major categories of loans.